Favorable climatic conditions, mysterious natural landscapes, natural springs open wide prospects for the development of tourism in Tovuz. Taking advantage of these opportunities, the district administration has paid more attention to this area in recent years, as a result of which new recreation centers have been established, and the number of foreign and local tourists visiting the district has increased significantly.

In other words, in connection with the development of tourism, an Olympic sports complex was built on 5 hectares at the entrance to Tovuz, a five-star Ayan Palace hotel, caravanserai-type complexes “Gala”, “Shalala”, “Uch Gala” were built on 5.2 hectares, 10, A 4-hectare Heydar Aliyev Culture and Recreation Park has been built.

The region is also interesting for tourists in terms of historical monuments. Interest in the Goytapa settlement of the 6th millennium BC and dozens of other ancient historical monuments, located in the Ashagi Gushchu village, has significantly expanded tourism opportunities. In order to inform tourists, information boards about public catering facilities, post offices, medical centers were installed in the settlements, asphalt was laid on the roads leading to tourist places, and signs were installed.

When talking about tourism in Tovuz, the names of Hinna gorge and Asrik gorge are especially mentioned. There are about 200 springs in the Asrik gorge alone. Thousands of tourists spend the summer here, as the cool weather in the hot summer season opens up a wide range of opportunities for people to relax. Especially during the years of independence, great work has been done to develop tourism in this area, recreation areas have been created along the valley.

When talking about high-level recreation areas for foreign tourists, the district administration named a new recreation center Suyun Sesi in the area called Hinna Valley, which is one of the most popular places for both local and foreign tourists.

We went to the Hinna gorge on a wide and comfortable asphalt road. We passed the villages of Aran, Mashadiler, Yanigli, Gozdere, Boyukkhoshdarli, Sadikhli and Kecaba and reached the Suyun Sesi Family Vacation Center. We were met by the owner of the recreation center Eyvaz Shamiyev, who is a peacock but a Russian citizen. He spent 7 million manat. He also got the money from the business he set up there. It has long been his dream to create such a recreation center in his homeland.

We got acquainted with the center. Everything is neat and created to the liking of tourists. It looks like an eye on every side. The main building of the four-storey recreation center allows 200 tourists to stay at the same time. The building is being finalized. Conditions have been created for those who want to stay single and married. In addition, 4 cottages with all conditions have been built in the center. The two beaches in the recreation center attracted our attention the most. Security rules are provided in two pools, each 100 meters long and 50 meters wide. The pools are built on the Zayam River, which flows along the Hinna Valley, so the water is changed every day. There are 4 boats in the pool.

The owner of the recreation center said that after its full commissioning, various attractions, an airport, a children’s swimming pool, horseback riding and minibus rides will be organized here. Excursions to the historical monuments of Tovuz and trips to the sights are planned on the tourist routes.

A drinking water line was laid to the center from distant mountains, and a spring was built in the ancient style. In general, the recreation center is tidy. The staff has undergone extensive training.

Construction of the recreation center began three years ago. The cottages were put into operation last summer. From this year, the center will receive tourists throughout the year. Because the recreation center is also supplied with gas. Although the resort is not yet fully ready, people who received information from the Internet portal last year spent their summer holidays here. Most of the visitors were from Turkey, Russia and Georgia. The number of visitors to the “Voice of Water” family recreation center, which will soon be fully operational, will increase many times.

Thus, Tovuz is becoming one of the tourist centers of our republic. High mountains, flowing rivers, water from icy springs, green slopes provide a meaningful rest for both local and foreign tourists in the bosom of nature, as well as increase their interest in the region. The “Voice of Water” family recreation center opened in the Hinna gorge will also play an important role in this work.

Sabir Aliyev,

“Azerbaijan” newspaper, June 30, 2019 – P.5

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