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Tovuz city, Avdal village

About Us

Suyun Sesi Family Vacation Center is located in the village of Avdal, not far from the city of Tovuz.

The recreation center is located at the foot of the mountains, at the mouth of the river Zayam, in the embrace of emerald green forests and dazzling nature with snow-capped mountains. Our modern roadside hotel has been operating since 2020. The hotel has a lake built from the Zayam River. At any time of the year, you can enjoy the charming view of the lake. Also, in the hot summer months, the pavilions in the courtyard of the hotel and the lake are used as a beach. There are appropriate conditions for guests to have a picnic. Our hotel also has favorable conditions for large meetings and gatherings. Water and other play attractions for children have also been installed in our recreation center. Suyun Sesi Vacation Center is the right choice for couples and families who love private and comfortable recreation.

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